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        I’ve recently launched this website, with very little work to show. After shutting down the old website for more than a year with a lot of my old work. I simply wanted to start anew. Fresh with a new direction and approach.

        Just as what the Psalmist writers says in the Bible; Selah which means, to pause and reflect.
        It was what I needed. Time. Pause, reflect, gather my thoughts, redefined my vision, see things in a newer perspective and finally this was about finding my own voice.

        There’s more to just taking wedding photos, capturing moments and creating treasured memories for clients.
        It’s also about the artists journey and vision of his art. It’s a process which takes time, and one that must be continually redefined throughout the creative journey. Finding that unique voice is never easy but through experiences, it teaches and shapes the artist ways of seeing resulting in our own unique voice.

        So for about a year or so, photos I took, Images I made, anything, anywhere, everywhere; Travel, Documentary Street Photography, Weddings and Portraits, for clients, for me. I questioned my work, I pondered about my approach, I learned from my mistakes. I would do better next. I’m focused on my storytelling. I take my time, simplified my approach, keep things simple. Work with the story at hand.
        I’m a visual storyteller. The camera is my tool.

        With time in my hand, I created two platforms for my work, separating weddings and other fun stuff I like doing.
        So here joeleduardophotography for all my wedding lifestyle portraiture work and over here at theabstractaesthetic for all my other stories. Film, digital it doesn’t matter. It’s the stories I want to share.