TO MENU

        I’ve known Jess for a few years, I’ve done some shoots with her when I was starting out here in Jakarta. When she and her fiancé Michael wanted to do their pre wedding shoot in Jakarta, they called me up.
        For their pre wedding, they wanted something I thought that was abit unsual, for me anyways. Unusual for me as its not the pre wedding I always shoot, I don’t think I’ve ever done one like this.

        Weird as it may sound but I guess they had their reasons to do something a little different. They wanted me to document their Saturday early morning routine; breakfast at their favourite little place. The noodles must be awesome at this place.
        Every couples are different, not all loves the idea of doing something glamorous with their pre weddings where you have a team of makeup artists and stylists on set. Doing  something simple is enough. It’s all about spending time together and about the matters of the heart.

        After breakfast we headed to another area and did the another shoot, somewhere there’s lots of greens which is something am more familiar with.