TO MENU

        Since I ventured into wedding photography in 2011 there wasn’t any decent local film lab I could find here in Jakarta. The language barrier made it even more difficult for me to find one in the beginning. To my knowledge I didn’t know anybody else in Jakarta who was shooting weddings with film back then. I found a film lab eventually somewhere in Kemang, Emerald Print Lab but it closed down so I was stuck with having to send my film out of the country, to either Sydney or in Singapore but that costs a lot and it took awhile to get done.

        Eventually I pulled the trigger on buying my own film scanner. Fujifilm Sp3000. I went through a learning curve on how to operate this and to get the best film scans. For the price of the scanner I could have bought a new camera for it but I love film so I figured I’ll go all the way with this. It now keeps me busy in the studio. What started as ‘can’t find a decent local film lab’ turned into a challenged of might as well start my own film lab.
        I don’t have any plans of starting a film lab, I just find doing things on your own you’re able to control the quality of the work. Film is Love.