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        I was first introduced to photography back in high school when a good friend of mine gave me an old Canon AE-1 camera as a gift. Since then photography has been part of me, its has been my passion and now my job. : )

        Ever since graduating with a B.A degree in Visual Communications from the University of Western Sydney, I worked as a creative designer specialising in prepress and print design for ten years before eventually turning to full-time work in photography, a chance of change of career when I met my beautiful wife Caroline and relocated to the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

        I see my self as an artist, a visual storyteller and I see weddings as an opportunity to tell other people’s story through the lens. It is my hope that the images I make will warm your hearts from the moment I present them to you and as you view them in the years to come, that you will experienced a renewed sense of faith, hope and love.

        I grew up most of my life in Sydney and am currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am available for destination weddings.

        You can also find more about me here